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Michel Del Buono

Global Strategist,

Makena Capital

Michel Del Buono is the Global Strategist and member of the asset allocation team at Makena Capital Management, where his primary responsibilities are global investment strategy, currency investments and risk management. Prior to joining Makena Capital Management, Michel was the sole Investment Analyst at Scion Capital, a San Jose-based hedge fund. Prior to Scion, Michel spent four years as an Engagement Manager and Associate at McKinsey & Co. where he served private equity clients with their due diligence and asset valuation work. Before joining McKinsey, Michel worked as a Risk Manager at Pacificorp Power and Marketing, the VP of Business Development at ePlan Inc., a Portfolio Manager at Glenbrook Capital LP, and as a Special Researcher at the Brookings Institute.

Michel serves on the Investment Committee for Dignity Health.  He earned his PhD in Management Science and Engineering with a focus in applied economics from Stanford, where he was a DARPA fellow. He also earned his MSc in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford and his MPhil in Economics from Girton College, Cambridge, where he was also a World Bank fellow. Michel graduated from the University of Virginia with a BSc in Systems Engineering with High Honors.

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