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Tai Tse Wen

Vice President,

GIC New York

Tse Wen is Vice President of GIC based in the New York office.  He joined GIC in 2006 and served as a portfolio manager with the Global Interest Rates team, managing a portfolio of derivative securities.  He also spent two years as an investment analyst with the Global Macro and Research team.  Tse Wen is currently Portfolio Manager at GIC’s External Managers Department.  The department seeks to enhance the performance of GIC’s public markets portfolio through the selection of fund managers.  He leads the strategy development and implementation of the department’s Fixed Income long-biased and Global Macro hedge fund programs.


Prior to joining the New York office, Tse Wen spent five years in GIC’s London Office.  He

obtained his M.A. in Mathematics from Oxford University and an M. Sc. in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University through the sponsorship of the GIC Scholarship Programme.

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