Access Alts Global Web Series 2020
Transformative. Impactful.

Access Alts is initiating a series of Global Web Series to discover the best investment opportunities amidst what we see as one of the biggest dislocations of our lifetime. Economies are turned upside down, valuations are trending low, industries are disrupted, policies are evolving, and smart investors are strategically aligning themselves with businesses, fund managers and portfolios that will deliver outlying alpha as well as create a much-needed impact.

Web Series: Special Presentation by Tim Draper


In a Special Presentation to AccessAlts Members, Tim Draper, celebrated Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and founder of Draper Associates, talks about the future of humanity through “A Borderless World” that will see virtual citizens. He also foresees a transformation of industries, such as Healthcare, Insurance, Government Services and Finance, through big data and breakthrough technologies.


Web Series: Middle East GenNext: Chartering a New Course

Access Alts Gen Next Meet: Following Your Passion

August 2, Tuesday, 1900 HKT/1500 GST/0700 EST

















GenNexts of today are fiercely independent and we see them working towards creating a legacy of their own, evolving the traditional family businesses. Many are chartering new courses, given that conglomerates of tomorrow will not be built on physical assets, rather in the Digital space.

Our visionary GenNext panelists represent Healthcare, Technology, Digital Infrastructure, Logistics and more. Hear about their passions and how they are aligning them with the complex world of tomorrow, particularly post Covid-19.  

Web Series: Japan Decoded: Why Long-Term Investors Need a Relook

David Baran, Co-Founder & CEO, Symphony Financial Partners

​2 June, 1900 HKT/1500 GST/0700 EST


Web Series: China Post Covid: Role In The New World Order

Benson Tam, Chairman & Founding Partner, Venturous Group

26 May, 1900 HKT/1500 GST/0700 EST












China’s $4 Trillion stimulus package will build an unparalleled Digital Infrastructure. Amidst that, Benson Tam of Venturous Group, early investor in Alibaba Group & Access Alts Asia Club member is powering the first SmartCities in partnership with local governments. His vision is to have Smart Cities that don’t resemble a Sci-fi movie; rather these will be green, low density, highly-livable places fueled by technology such as 5G, AI and IOT.


Web Series: Global Private Equity - Leading through the Crisis

Anand Krishnan, Managing Partner, Fidelis World

19 May, 1900 HKT/1500 GST/0700 EST

In a highly insightful discussion, Anand Krishnan, managing partner of FidelisWorld and AccessAlts Asia club member, explains when leading your Private Equity portfolios through crisis, it is imperative to have an A-Class management team in place, take risks in short bites and ensure a focus on ‘direction’ rather than ‘speed’. A long term PE investor, who constantly floors us with his strategic thinking and operations suave, Anand also talks about how the current crisis will alter global linkages, and how empathy and relationships with take precedence over money.


Web Series: Plunging Oil Prices: Deciphering the Dislocation

Yash Kaman, Partner, Kerogen Capital

7 May, 1900 HKT/1500 GST/0700 EST

Oil at $25/barrel is unsustainable for the biggest players such as Saudi and Russia in the longer term, and both players are expected to be rational. As an energy investor, you need to be laser focused on your portfolio right now. Yash Kaman of Karogen Capital explains how ensuring your portfolio companies have access to cash and well-funded partners will be key, and there will be plenty of distressed opportunities to choose from down the line.


Web Series: Middle East Family Offices Speak

Alabbar Enterprises, Crescent Enterprises, Kanoo Capital

5 May, 1300 HKT/0900 GST/0100 EST

Stergios Voskopoulos, CEO, Kanoo Capital

The 130-year old Yusuf bin Ahmed Kanoo Group, one of the oldest business families in the Middle East, has weathered several crises and has risk management and governance to handle precisely situations like COVID19. Stergios Voskopoulos, CEO of Kanoo Capital in Bahrain, explains how the priority through any crisis is to maintain cash, protect revenue and show great agility and adaptability on the Access Alts Asia Middle East Family Office Web Meet. The family is looking through its PE portfolio company by company, revising business plans and financial models and developing a base case for next two years, for a new normal. Focus will be on basic industries such as Energy, Food, Water, Healthcare, Education and Cybersecurity.

Amit Mehta, Investment Director, Alabbar Enterprises

Whilst UAE’s Alabbar Enterprises - Retail, Food and Beverage is best known for real estate via Emaar, the group has been taken the accusative and diversification route since the past five years, buying and building strategic ecommerce and food assets across the Middle East. In a no holds barred chat with AccessAlts Asia, Amit Mehta, investment director at Alabbar, talks about building E-commerce unicorn noon and acquiring the region’s largest food manufacturer Kuwait Food Company (Americana), both defensive plays that are racing ahead amidst Covid19. Interestingly, the theme of food security underpins Mohammad Alabbar's philosophy of investing to benefit his country and fellow countrymen, thereby creating a distinct legacy.


Web Series: A Whole New World

Aysar Tayeb, Global MD - Corporate Ventures, Saudi Aramco

Oil at -$36. Biggest plunge since US invasion of Kuwait. As oil enters a phase of unparalleled demand destruction, the ramifications for the world economy, climate change and Middle East allocators are immense. Join us for a private call with Aysar Tayeb, Saudi Aramco’s global MD for Corporate Ventures, on how he is shaping this investment perspective amidst the chaos.


Web Series: India Under Lockdown: An Insider’s View

Dr. Arvind Gupta, Head, Digital India Foundation

1.3 billion people. Under a complete lock-down. India’s Covid19 lockdown, now extended till May 4, is unprecedented in size and scope. For a country that cherishes life in public spaces, the ramifications on businesses, economy, society, and the environment will be monumental. Dr Arvind Gupta, head of the Digital India Foundation in New Delhi, gives us an Insider’s View on the Modi government’s thought process and implementation of the lockdown.


Web Series: A Whole New World

Khurram A Mirza, Acting CIO, Osool








In the debut AccessAlts Asia Global Web Meet Series, Khurram A. Mirza F.I.A., acting CIO for Bahrain pension fund Osool Asset Management, highlighted institutional investors' preference for markets with deep liquidity and regulation in the current environment. He also pointed towards huge upcoming opportunities for distress investing in the US, and emphasized that no investor can afford to miss out on Asia. On the public markets side, there is a clear preference for long/short strategies over long only, as managers need to be given a wider set of tools now, though overlaying it with greater oversight and due diligence.

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