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Conference Speakers

 Jamie Rosenwald

 Co-Founder & Managing  Partner,

 Dalton Investments LLC

 Paul Dimitruk

 Co-Founder, Chairman,  Partners Capital

 Steve Algert

 Managing Director & Assistant  Treasurer,

 The J. Paul Getty Trust 

 Joseph Zeng


 Greenwoods Asset  Management

 Michael Weinberg

 Chief Investment Strategist, 

 Protege Partners

Andy Mantel

Founder & CEO

Pacific Sun Advisors

 William Ma

 Chief Investment Officer,

 Noah Holdings (Hong Kong)

 Chief Investment Officer,  Berens Capital Management

 Frank Brochin
 Philippa Allen

 Chief Executive Officer,


 Chief Executive Officer/Chief  Investment Officer,

 The Rohatyn Group

 Nicolas Rohatyn
 Bei Saville

 Senior Endowments &  Foundations CIO,

 Northern Trust Corporation

Marcus Frampton

Director of Investments

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Wayne Wicker

Senior Vice President and 

Chief Investment Officer,

ICMA Retirement Corporation and the Vantagepoint Funds.

 Rajesh Sachdeva


 Flowering Tree Investment  Management Pte. Limited

Dan McNicholas

Global Markets, Head of Capital Introductions, Nomura

Alvin Fan

Director and Chief Executive Officer,

OP Investment Management

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